Large storage tub: panda print


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You know those homes you see in magazines where there’s no clutter, just sleek lines and minimalist displays? Well if that’s what yours looks like you may want to check out another page. That’s because I’ve created these large storage tubs for those of us who have stuff in places where stuff should never be. I’m talking random piles of magazines, books, toys, craft items, pet kit, shoes, laundry and anything else that you need to keep handy.  These tubs have been made with thick cotton and they have reinforced handles and soft cotton linings with an internal layer of calico to keep them strong and durable. They are also deeply cool and funky looking. Now, what do you have that would benefit from a big tub of love?

Measurements: Approx 16 v 14 ins (Use seven year old Kraken Junior in the additional pic as a handy guide)


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