Hand embroidered hoop: trigger warning



I must have laughed the entire time I stitched this trigger warning hoop. I made it especially for the patriarchy but it could apply to anything or anyone you like. Think of shitty bosses, exes, illnesses, political systems or just the people who drive around roundabouts without indicating. God knows, this trigger warning hoop could see them all off. Just hang it on your wall for a daily reminder that you’ve got this.

This hoop is 9ins in diameter and stitched in a mix of bright colours. The wording is in satin stitch while the leafy motif is in a loose fern stitch with French knots.

Don’t forget that if you love this trigger warning hoop but would love one in a different size or with an amendment all you have to is ask. Message me at cath@krakenkreations.co.uk with your request and I’ll price it up for you. You can also find out more about commissioning your own hoop (with any phrase you like) right here.


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