Hand embroidered hoop: Queen Badass



This ‘Queen Badass’ hoop is a reminder of the inequality inherent in how women are addressed. Men get Mr but women get a fistful of titles that tell the world whether we are single, married or divorced, among other things. This hoop kicks all of that up the arse and demands a single title that reigns supreme. It is all hand embroidered with the lettering at the centre of the hoop. It’s then finished with a crown design (which was suggested by some rather fabulous KrakenĀ  lovers). The hoop comes with a hanging loop at the top and the back is hand stitched into place with felt.

NB: I can stitch any short swear word or message you like on a hoop so you don’t have to stick to this one. You can also chose your fave colours. Just message me directly to discuss what you’d like at cath@krakenkreations.co.uk or DM me at facebook/krakenkreations.


The hoop is 9ins in diameter.


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