Variable amount gift card


You know how it is. You want to buy a gift for someone’s birthday or anniversary, for Christmas or just because you love ’em. The problem is that you’re not entirely sure what to get them. Well that feeling can get in the sea because this is the my variable amount gift card!

Here’s how it works. You can send a Kraken Kreations digital gift card to anyone you like but you don’t have to be limited to rounding the amount up or down. Ok, so it has to be £10 or over, but if you want to gift the equivalent of £26.73 you can. Just enter your preferred amount when you go through checkout.

Then all you have to do is fill in the message box at the bottom of the screen and decide whether to customise your digital gift card. You can even use your own pics especially for the personal touch.

And if you don’t want the recipient of the gift card to receive it the until a specific date (you know, because you are really organised and doing this way in advance) just hit ‘postpone delivery’ button. You can then choose the date you want the card to arrive. Easy!

Of course, if you want to gift a specific product, just find it in my shop and hit the ‘gift this product’ button underneath it. That way the recipient will get the cost of that item sent to them whether it is a slouch bag or set of facial pads. Make sure they know that if they want that item but in a different fabric or with a different phrase all they have to do is contact me at and I’ll happily chat to them about it.

As ever if you have any questions about any of this you just have to holler on the above email address. In the meantime, go! Gift your friends and loved ones! Then collapse on the sofa with the smug reverie of someone who knows how to make ’em smile. Win win!


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