Embroidery hoop (Christmas, small): Sleeping



So, thanks to popular demand, here are my Christmas tree hoops and all of them are as sweary and subversive as you requested. They’ve been stitched especially for use on Christmas trees so the hoops are a mere 4ins across: big enough to be spotted but not big enough to hog your Nordic spruce. Each of the Christmas tree hoops has its own message, created especially to add a touch of raucousness to the festive celebrations. They’re all created with a mix of embroidery stitches and the hoops are backed with felt and finished with a hanging loop.

You know what to do, though, if you love the idea of my Christmas tree hoops but not the phrases I have used. Just let me know what phrase you’d like to see at [email protected] and I can rustle it up for you at no extra cost, as long as it fits on this teeny 4incher (no sniggering, please). It doesn’t have to be sweary or subversive either. You can go as traditional or oddball or deeply personal as you like. It’s entirely up to you!


4ins/ 10 cms across


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