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This was a cracker of a commission. The customer who commissioned it is a potter, so she wanted an apron that would cover her as she sat with her legs either side of a potter’s wheel. She could find such aprons elsewhere but wanted one in this flamingo print with a hot pink lining. It was such fun to make and, thanks to her giving me her measurements, I could make it to fit her perfectly. I’d never made one before so loved researching the style and taking on the challenge and I reckon the end result is a corker!

NB. If you would like to commission an item please contact me at I’ll ask for your wish list and come up with a design. No request is too daft or obvious and I’ll come up with a price before you commit to anything. You can get further details about how my commissioning process works here.

1 review for Craft apron

  1. Helen Thomas

    This is a well made, sturdy bright and beautiful apron. Specifically made for pottery, it has a split front for sitting at the wheel. Boy, does it work. So much so, I ordered another one. Wear one, wash one, as it does get dirrrrrrty. It washes super well too, it didn’t lose any colour, and all stitches held. All in all, I can’t recommend this enough. Cath is amazing , as all I had was a hand drawn pattern of what I wanted. She made it to fit too. FANTABULOUS!

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