Cotton sanitary pads



Commissions like these are like marmite – some women love them and some women hate them. I love them because they are too cool! My customer asked me to make her cotton sanitary pads because she wanted her periods to be more environmentally friendly. She also had specific requirements about the size, shape and absorbency of the pads which meant I had to make sure these would be right up to the job. I did lots of research and experiments! The result is that each pad has several layers of terry towelling and flannelette, stitched to make them as thin as possible, all finished with a waterproof layer and gorgeous cotton in a bright print. The towels also have wings which are secured in place with a popper. Protective and gorgeous!

NB. If you would like to commission an item please contact me at I’ll ask for your wish list and come up with a design. No request is too daft or obvious and I’ll come up with a price before you commit to anything. You can get further details about how my commissioning process works here.



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