Cotton envelope for washable facial pads



So you have my washable facial pads and you love them, right? You’ve already seen that they come up beautifully in a machine wash too. Yet every now and then you misplace one because it’s snuck into a sock or a huge pair of knickers while sloshing about in your machine. Well that’s what this soft, lined, cotton envelope is for. When you are ready to wash your facial pads, slip them into this and it’ll keep them all together in the wash. You need never mislay your pads in your fave prints again. Easy!

Even better, my cotton envelope is as gorgeous and durable as my washable facial pads and my cotton sanitary pads. You can either order it in a random print (you won’t necessarily get it in the print you can see in these pics) or you can ask for a specific print or colourway. If that’s the case, email me at [email protected] and we can talk about my available prints for your own unique cotton envelope. You can even match it to your home decorĀ  or how about creating a set with a matching caddy?

Don’t forget that, like my washable facial pads, this cotton envelope will also last several years. Handsewn, it”ll not just help you save the planet but it’ll save you rotting through your duvet covers for your misplaced pads. What’s not to love?

If you want to learn more about my washable facial pads check out this page. It’s stuffed with everything you need to know!


Each envelope is 25 x 20 cms.



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