Cheeky brooch: Wha..?



Yes, life is wonderful but there are times when you want to give it a dead pan stare and ask it what the hell it thinks it’s doing. That’s why I have created these brooches, brooches that do the dead pan for you. I’ve tried to create something as gorgeous as it is unapologetic, with thick, colourful, cotton fabric forming the petals, embroidered aida as the centre and a clasp on the back. And you know what I love about them? From a distance they are so eyecatching but when people take an admiring close-up they get an eyeful of expletive. My father is disgusted by them. Hopefully yours will be too.

NB: If you love the brooches but not the sentiments I can make one with your very own message on it (sweary or otherwise). Just email me at krakenkreations1At gmailDOtcom with your request and I’ll get cracking.

Measurements: 9cms in diameter


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