Car bucket in blue stars


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I started making these after a customer commissioned four for her grandchildren. It reminded me of the carnage left in my own car by my daughter on long journeys: toys, books, food wrappers, iPod, headphones… So these buckets are designed to contain the lot, putting an end to us parents twisting in our seats for miles at a time. Made with thick cotton on the outside, soft cotton on the inside and stiff calico linings, they attach to the back of seats via the headrests, with Velcro straps to hold them in place. Easy! Oh, and if you have a child who gets car sick all you need to do is line the bucket with a plastic bag and… well, we’ve all been THERE in a motorway laybay.


Approx 25 cms high, 23 cms wide and 15 cms deep. Each strap (two per bucket) is approx 22 cm long.

NB You use these buckets at your own risk. They are not toys and it is your responsibility to ensure they do not impede the airbags/ safety aspects of your car etc. Got it? OK!


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