Caddy in orange


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You know what it’s like when you have stuff all over your worktop. Pens, paint brushes, knitting needles, scissors…  you can move for toolery pokery. So why not pop them in one of these caddies? Each one has a hard bottom insert (snigger) and a total of eight pockets on the outside alone and that’s without the huge amount of space on the inside. Made with thick cotton, they are lined with softer cotton and have a calico insert to make them durable. Even better, they have handles which means you can easily carry about whatever you’re working with. So yes, now that you ask they are gorgeous as well functional. Thanks for noticing!


20cms height, width and depth

NB: if you love the item but not the fabrics I can make one of these in your chosen fabrics. Just contact me at [email protected] and pick out the fabrics you want from my fabric directory on the home page.


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