Bundle of… strength



I devised these on World Mental Health Day, not least because I know how much most of us need support from time to time. If you visit my Facebook page you’ll regularly read about my skirmishes with mental ill health so I know what a big difference can be made by the teeniest acts of kindness. Each of these little fabric, wadded bundles has a much-needed quality embroidered on the front so you can send them to anyone who needs to stay strong, feel your love or be reminded that they rock. I’ll embroider your own message for no extra cost if you like and I can also send your fave bundle directly to the person who needs it with a little message from you on a label. Go on. Remind someone that, whatever they are going through, you are there for them.

Measurements: approx 10 cms v 5 cms.

NB. Email me at [email protected] if you have any requirements for specific bundles, including wording and colours.


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