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OK, confession time. I love porn. Stationery porn to be exact. Notebooks, paper, pens… you name it, my knees buckle for it. That’s why I’ve launched this line of notebook covers that come complete with with their own notebooks. The covers fit A5 size books (with wiggle room for replacements), are made with thick cotton on the outsideĀ and softer cotton on the inside and come with built-in page markers and pen holders. The outside is finished with a button detail on the back and the front with coordinating elastic to keep your jottings clean and secure. Of course, the covers are re-useable, so when you’ve finished with the original notebook you can simply take it out and slip in a new one. You can thank me by finally writing the first chapter of that novel you’ve been dreaming about. Go on, then. What are you waiting for? It was a dark and stormy night…

P. S. If you’d like a cover for a different size notebook feel free to request it. I can go larger or smaller and to any shape you like. Just contact me at krakenkreations1@gmail.com.



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