Product care

So you’ve bought a Kraken Kreations product and one of the following has happened:

You dropped it in a puddle;

The blender exploded over it;

You vommed over it on a night out;

Your child keeps wiping her nose on it;

You took it into a ketchup factory and fell into a vat of HP Fruity.

Whatever the problem, your item is washable. However take care when washing. Don’t just lob your item into the machine at 90 degrees before setting fire to the utility room in some weirdly cleansing re-enactment of the last scene of The Wicker Man. Instead use a cool wash and avoid tumble drying, allowing your prized purchase to dry naturally. The item will also need to be ironed when it’s dry for the best results. I don’t say that lightly, though. Until I start sewing I didn’t even know where we kept our iron. It’s worth digging it out on this occasion, though. And if you have any other questions about care, just shout! You can get hold of me at

Thank you!

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