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How to make feminist art with any craft

So it’s International Women’s Day 2019, the perfect excuse to show you how to make feminist art. No, hang on! DON’T RUN! I’m not suggesting you daub your sagging flange with poster paint before pressing it onto paper and framing it (although I quite fancy trying that now). What I mean is that if you’ve […]

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Debates on my Facebook Page: The Rules

So, earlier this week I asked you whether you enjoyed the debates on my Facebook page. Thing is, I asked you for a reason. It’s because at the start of this year there was a little skirmish on my page when three people name-called other commenters on a thread about feminism. Now, I very rarely […]

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Handcrafted Christmas Gift Ideas to Wow Your Loved Ones

It’s time for my handcrafted Christmas gift ideas! I know, it’s ‘only’ November but if you want to gift a Kraken Kreations you need to get on my order list NOW. Don’t forget that everything I make is stitched from scratch, which is why hitting up this website on December 15th will only end in […]

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