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embroidery don't tell me

12 Commissioning Concerns (And Why You Should Stop Worrying)

You’d be surprised at how many of us have commissioning concerns. Too often the commissioning of an item is swathed in mystery to the point that it resembles witchcraft. Worse, commissioning is often synonymous with expense which puts off mere mortals from the joys of owning, say, a bespoke bag. Well, whatever your commissioning concerns […]

embroidery middle finger

The case for sweary textile art (in 6 points)

If you’re a fan of Kraken Kreations you’ll know that I make sweary textile art. I first started swearing on brooches, then pieces like these balloons and finally embroidery hoops. You customers love it but I still get the odd question about why I include expletives in my work at all. Thing is, telling people […]

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