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8 Busted Myths About Running a Creative Business (and Succeeding)

Part of running a creative business is being asked how I, well, run it. That’s because social media is rammed with images of creatives staring dreamily from well-lit studios and lots of people fancy a bash. Thing is, those images are a myth machine so when I’m asked for creative business advice I’m honest about […]

Anatomical research

How I research my anatomical embroideries

If you’ve ever wondered how I research my anatomical embroideries (and lots of people do) you’re in for a treat. Now, you’ve seen my finished anatomical embroideries lots of times on Facebook and Twitter and I routinely show you my work in progress. However, you’re yet to see how I prep my noggin for my […]

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5 times when it was problem solving and not just sewing

Did you know that I’m in the business of problem solving? I look like a mild-mannered textile artist but I’m also a problem solving ninja. That’s because so many of you come to me for help when you need a specific size of bag, a desk caddy for a new job or a meaningful gift […]

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