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Vlog 2 how to tranfer designs_Moment

How to transfer embroidery designs

Listen up, kraken lovers! In case you missed it on my Facebook page this week (what? WHY?), here’s my vlog about how I transfer my designs from paper onto fabric. I use the carbon paper method for my embroidery hoops and you can find out how this particular brand of witchcraft works in my little […]

mug 3.jpg

The Kraken Kreations Manifesto mug!

You have no idea how much excitement this has caused me. I know, I know, it’s a mug but still, it’s a Kraken Kreations mug! Anyway, you’ve already seen the Kraken Kreations manifesto, right? Hopefully it stirred you. Well, now you can stir the manifesto (or at least you can when you put milk/ sugar/ […]

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