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Out of the darkness…

Here’s something you don’t read on these sort of websites often, probably because it shits all over the rules of good PR or something, but four years ago I had a breakdown. I don’t mean a fit of pique in the crisps aisle at Tesco. I mean a fully formed, curled-in-a-mute-ball, suicide-obsessed, depression-sodden breakdown that […]


Fabric is a feminist issue

Look, kraken lovers, I have no idea whether you care about this but… I am a feminist. Yup, I’m a 43 year old woman who thinks women and men should be treated equally, that the No More Page Three campaign reigns supreme, that the Everyday Sexism Project is one of the most exciting feminist developments of  […]


Myths… busted

Look, if there is one thing you can expect from me it’s honesty (no, honestly) and the time has come for me to set straight a few records. What I mean is that every time I pick up a sewing magazine I am faced with images of (mostly) women who look anything from beatific or […]

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