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Rebecca boho bag1

Vroom vroom…

I shit you not, I had no idea how angsty sewing could be before I opened Kraken Kreations. You’d think that being able to design anything I like in the fabrics that I love would be desperately easy. It’s not. Ok, it’s not on a par with deciding whether to donate an organ, but neither […]


In yer face!

Look, you might have noticed by now that I don’t do pastels. Or florals. Or any fabrics that don’t punch you in the face before leaving you for dead. That’s because pastels and florals just aren’t the kraken style. I prefer my prints to be the sewing equivalent of a drag queen – unmistakable, glorious and […]


It’s Christmas!

Now, what I am about to tell you ain’t easy. In fact, as the type of woman who usually has to be restrained by security when she spots the vile pre-December flogging of stollen in Tesco, I am all but choking on my words. That’s because it’s Christmas in my sewing shed. I know, I […]

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