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She sells sea shells…

I have a dirty secret to tell you: I hate the beach. The sand gets in the sunblock, the sarnies and, worst of all, my gussetry. It’s like being expected to frolic on a cheese grater.  Thing is, as the mother of six year old Kraken Junior and the owner of a clifftop caravan with Conjugal Kraken, […]



Ok, so you’ve heard me banging on about my sewing shed not least because it’s a thing of majesty and madness. Thing is, you’ve never actually seen what it looks like, hence this bobbin-based peep show especially for your delectation and delight. I have to fess up to one thing though: this weekend it’s gone […]


Fabric fever

Few things make me gibber like fabric does. It’s like buying possibility in one metre bites. Whether my actual kreations live up to the wild notions I carry around in my head is a matter for private debate and angst but whenever I stagger to a counter under the crippling weight of bolts of cloth my […]

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