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Lately I’ve been asked whether I copy my ideas from other crafters or if I come up with my own designs. And after I’ve been restrained by a nearby SWAT team I answer that yes, I do indeed come up with my own ideas for bags, cases and covers and home decor thank you very bloody much. […]


Vintage bliss

For the love of God fetch me a cold flannel, will you? You see, I’ve just taken delivery of a staggering stash of vintage buttons thanks to Marion, a good friend of my mum, and it’s all I can do to not run around naked in the garden. These buttons belonged to Marion’s mum, who […]


Shop’s open!

What’s that I can hear? Is it the tinkling of a shop’s door bell? Too right it is because Kraken Kreations is finally open for business! Aye, after all of the ‘coming soons’ you’re finally free to rummage through the fruits of my sewing shed and order to your heart’s content. Check out the home page […]

Buttony bliss

Ok, Ok, so I only popped into the local market to pick up some sausages. Thing is, I got ever-so-slightly distracted by the haberdashery stall on the way and instead of stopping at one packet of buttons I just kept going until I ran out of change. Here’s the result:       Right now I’m […]


When I walked into my local fabric shop to get calico I had a stout chat with myself. I would get calico and nothing else. JUST calico. So, of course, I bought these beauties too. All I do know is that I had to have them. My resistance was clearly futile. So what would you do […]

To sew or swear?

Here’s what I’ve learned in the last few months: setting up an online sewing business doesn’t half take up a lot of laptop time. There I was thinking that I’d spend blissful days in my sewing shed when I’ve spent just as much time sweating over the tech stuff. So I’ve been trying to wangle […]

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