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Buy in instalments at Kraken Kreations

Ever fancied a Kraken Kreations product and wished you could buy it in instalments? Well (gasp) now you can! Thing is, I have been doing this informally for a while, with customers asking if they can make two or three payments before they buy an item. Now, though, it is open to everyone. So if […]

WI travel bag Cath Janes 1

How to sew a toiletry bag

Ever wanted to sew a toiletry bag? Well it’s your lucky day because this is how you do it. Thing is, it’s not only easy to sew a toiletry bag but it this method involves minimum measuring and it a cracking chance to learn about zip sewing. Even better, once it’s done you can bung […]

meet customer 1

Why Meet the Customer May?

So Meet the Customer May started on Weds on my social media channels and you may be wondering what in the everloving fuck I’m up to. Well loads of you have heard about March Meet the Maker where creatives give you shed-loads of insights into where, how and what they do. And yeah, I’ve done […]

blog personal projects 1

My personal projects: a sneeky peek.

It’s just struck me that you never see my personal projects (not a euphemism). OK, so you see the things I make for everyone else but as for personal projects you know nothing. Nada. Nowt. Fuck all. Well, seeing as it is the long Easter weekend here in the UK – when you’ll all be […]

textile art 2a

How to make feminist art with any craft

So it’s International Women’s Day 2019, the perfect excuse to show you how to make feminist art. No, hang on! DON’T RUN! I’m not suggesting you daub your sagging flange with poster paint before pressing it onto paper and framing it (although I quite fancy trying that now). What I mean is that if you’ve […]

embroidery me you

Debates on my Facebook Page: The Rules

So, earlier this week I asked you whether you enjoyed the debates on my Facebook page. Thing is, I asked you for a reason. It’s because at the start of this year there was a little skirmish on my page when three people name-called other commenters on a thread about feminism. Now, I very rarely […]

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