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An open letter to the Superiority Police

Dear Superiority Police Hope you don’t mind me writing to you like this but you’ve forced my hand. You see, I’m a one-woman sewing business that’s selling face-masks. The kind that several governments are suggesting we wear. It’s what I do. Sewing things. And suddenly the nation really needs people to sew things. The problem […]

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8 ways I can help you during the lockdown

I shit you not. I CAN help although if you touch me I shall have to kill you. Here you go: I’ll help protect you What I mean is, I am now making face masks due to such staggering demand that it’s left me boggled. Natch, they are strictly for personal use and are NOT […]

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26 Tricks for Making Feminist Art

Ever fancied making feminist art? Well, this is the time to start because it is International Women’s Day 2020 On Sunday 8 March. In fact, I shared a lot of this blog post a year ago for IWD2019 but it’s been updated because shit is going down! So, if you’ve ever wanted to use your […]


Easy Embroidery! Lesson 2 (Stem stitch)

So here’s the second of three FREE lesson of my online embroidery course for complete beginners, East Embroidery! Check out the filmed lesson and the course notes below and give stem stitch a bash in your own time. Then just come back next week for the last free lesson and check out last week’s blog […]


What size cotton sanitary pad is right for me?

If you’ve ever wondered what size cotton sanitary pad is right for you, I’m your stitchy woman. Made with soft and absorbent fabrics, more of you than ever are choosing cotton sanitary pads over the store bought varieties that are stuffed with plastics. That’s because they are waaaaay greener, kinder to your flange and, when […]


Easy Embroidery! Lesson 1 (Running stitch)

So, as promised this is the first of the THREE FREE lessons of my Easy Embroidery! online course for compete beginners. Check out the how-to film and the course notes below and give running stitch a bash in your own time. Then just come back over the next two weeks for the next two free […]

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