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What size cotton sanitary pad is right for me?

If you’ve ever wondered what size cotton sanitary pad is right for you, I’m your stitchy woman. Made with soft and absorbent fabrics, more of you than ever are choosing cotton sanitary pads over the store bought varieties that are stuffed with plastics. That’s because they are waaaaay greener, kinder to your flange and, when […]


Easy Embroidery! Lesson 1 (Running stitch)

So, as promised this is the first of the THREE FREE lessons of my Easy Embroidery! online course for compete beginners. Check out the how-to film and the course notes below and give running stitch a bash in your own time. Then just come back over the next two weeks for the next two free […]

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14 Problems You Can Solve With Embroidery

I bet you never thought you’d find yourself reading a blog post about problems you can solve with embroidery, right? Yet, here we are. And the reason I’m telling you this is because Easy Embroidery! (my online course for complete beginners) is now on sale for just £45. Even better, throughout February I’ll be sharing […]

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Support Makers at Christmas (23 Hot Tips)

Knowing how to support makers at Christmas is the gift that keeps on giving. Forget Jelly of the Month Club ( thanks Christmas Vacation). It’s been scientifically proven* that showing festive goodwill to the creative genius in your newsfeed bags you smug points, boundless artistic beauty and better orgasms. (*this might be a lie) Seriously, […]

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Mindful embroidery for beginners

So whether you already embroiderer or you’re on my Easy Embroidery! course you might have noticed how mindful embroidery can be. By that, I don’t mean that you do chain stitch while wrestled into downward dog. I mean that creating repetitive stitches can easily be as calming, soothing and meditative a practice as sitting cross […]

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